Friday, February 5, 2010

Sexy Hot Iranian Women - Heidi Zadeh

Sexy Hot Iranian Women - Heidi Zadeh

Sexy Hot Iranian Women - Heidi Zadeh

Heidi Zadeh is a smoking hot 24 year old Iranian model living in Denmark. There’s not a whole lot of information out there about this babe so we’ll just concentrate on the picture. I mean just look at this girl. This girl is every man’s dream. OK, I know it’s hard, but let’s start with her eyes. She has the traditional seductive Iranian eyes and she’s looking at you through the corner of those eyes in a naughty and mischievous way. She has beautiful brown hair and a gorgeous bronze skin tone. She has a bit of a smirk to her face. I can’t tell if that’s a naughty smirk or one where she’s embarrassed. Her lips aren’t as full as some of her counterparts, but that’s fine.

As you move down, you can’t help but notice her perfect, perky breasts that she is strategically covering with her arm. They are amazing! She has a tiny little waist and you can tell that she definitely works out and you can see a hint of a 6-pack. I really like this picture because her panties are a bit of a tease. You’ll notice that they are just a little bit down and more around her hips. What a tease!

This girl is sexy. There’s no other way around it.

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